“I Can” Break The Mold!

November 16, 2017
“I Can” Break The Mold!

What were you doing at 5 years old?

When most of us think of being 5 years old, thoughts of endless play time, picking best friends, and entering Kindergarten quickly come to mind. For me, being 5 meant making the life-altering decision to Big Chop all of my dolls and give them chicken pox with permanent magic markers!

For one little girl, 5 years old was the time she decided to defy the odds and break the mold! Meet Gabrielle Goodwin who is the pint-sized dynamo who created the patented GaBBY Bows! You’ve seen her innovation on The Real, the Today Show or read about her in Huffington Post or Essence; and likely have seen her product in stores around the U.S.

GaBBY Bows are the first-of-its-kind double faced, double snap barrette hair accessory! This patented product sells in 50 Once Upon a Child stores in 16 states across the U.S., Gabrielle is the youngest ever South Carolina Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Her story reminds us that you can fulfill your dream regardless of your age! You may be young in an industry; you could be the new kid on the block; your resume and accomplishments may not stack-up to others. Break the mold and and dive in!

Little Miss Gabrielle is a welcome addition to the Hairlooms-inspired I CAN series! Listen to the wisdom nuggets from this 11-year old and remember to tell yourself,
“I CAN!”

Gabrielle, when did you decide to make your product?
I decided to make my product was when I was 5, but we started the business when I was 7.

Gabrielle, what challenges did you face?
Some hard things we have faced were hearing a lot of no’s, not having any stores selling my product at one time, and not winning competitions after trying my best.

Gabrielle, what advice would you give someone who feels like quitting?
Persevere and NEVER give up. Obstacles will be in your way, but you have to never give up to go through them. Work hard and try your best. Things will get better in your life!

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