“I Can” Leave My 9-To-5!

November 6, 2017
“I Can” Leave My 9-To-5!

Would you ditch paid benefits, regular paychecks, and overall job stability?

Digital platform powerhouse and author Ariane Williams answered, “I CAN!” This social media marketing genius and serial blogger turned her back on the familiar and is now the proud founder of the wildly successful Black Naps, Short Natural Hairstyle, Adelphee, and Smoovve brands! She is also the owner of Arideonne, a Digital Advertising, Design and Strategy Agency with websites in the health and beauty space for women of color.

Ariane is passionate about creating vibrant, empowering online experiences for women of color in the United States and globally. Her passion to empower women is complemented by her desire to pay it forward to “generation next”! So what did she do? Ariane authored Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair to help little girls embrace their natural kinks and coils at a young age.

You’ve likely seen Ariane’s features in Madame Noire, Publisher’s Weekly, and Black Girl Long Hair. Now check-out what she tells the I CAN community!

What made you decide to make the career switch and become a serial blogger?
I had started out aiming for it to be a side job, but it quickly became my passion. What ultimately drove me to pursue it full-time was the realization that I had a choice. I was really unhappy with my previous job, and I stuck it out to nearly the very end. It got to a point where it really was nothing for me to lose; so I quit. I stopped being so afraid of the what-if’s and I just told myself if it didn’t work out, all I would have to do is just look for another job.

What obstacles did you face?
Overcoming the fear of failure. I had wanted to blog full time for years, but I was afraid of what would happen if it didn’t work out.

What has been the biggest surprise along your journey?
My ability to become comfortable with public speaking. Even though I am quite the talker, public speaking was never my cup of tea; I used to get so nervous! You would think since I primarily do a lot of digitally based work, I would not have to interact outside of that realm. However, I learned as an entrepreneur it is vital to go out and make face-to-face connections. I have done event after event ,and now I feel way more at ease.

What does the phrase * I Can* mean to you?
It means that even when things appear like they are impossible, there is always a way for you to overcome the obstacles you face.

Give some encouraging words to readers who feel like their lives are marked by * I Can’t*!
I used to feel stuck all the time. I still do encounter those feelings at times. Since my way of thinking has evolved, I am able to battle those feelings of negativity more effectively. We always have a choice, and often times we make things into more than what they actually are because of the fear of the unknown. Take some alone time to think of a game plan, and take the leap!

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