“I Can” Break a Cycle!

March 3, 2016
“I Can” Break a Cycle!

Sometimes our journey resembles a rocky road because we’re riding the wrong “cycle.” All of us know what it’s like to be drawn to habits and behaviors that make life spiral out of control.  What’s Tyniece Pack’s message to us? “ICAN” pump the breaks…and break a cycle! 


Tyniece Pack and her son Michael / Photo Credit: Barrington Redwood Photography


What did you overcome?

I broke the cycle of teenage parenting. My mother was a teenage parent. I became a single, teenage parent. I, however, was determined that my son, Michael, would not follow in my footsteps. Society expects history to repeat itself. If that were true, it would be a “given” that my son should become a teenage parent.

How did you do it?

After my divorce, I decided that I would remain single until my son moved out of my home. It was not an easy decision but I owed it to myself and Michael to set a better example for him.  I became very intentional with raising him by using the word of God as my standard.  I modeled before him what I expected of him. If I was living according to the word of God, then I could expect him to do what I was doing versus what he heard me say.

What were the results of your choices?

I am grateful to God that Michael did not become a teenage parent like me. I am so proud of him. On September 18, 2014, he married his beautiful wife Nikki.

What encouragement would you share with others?

No one gets to choose who you become but you and God. You are not your past mistakes. You are not what people call you or who they expect you to be. The people who are in your life will either teach you what you should do or not do.The key is to determine what you will take from each of them to become the best you.


Remember your children are watching you. They will become what they see in you. 

– Tyniece Pack



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