“I Can” Buy A Home!

March 17, 2016
“I Can” Buy A Home!

Prepping to buy your Home “Sweet” Home can sour really quickly. Mounds of paperwork, credit checks, and property assessments can  be enough to make you keep renting. While purchasing a home is not for everyone,  some of you may feel like the key to your new home will never turn. Before you sleep on your dreams, face forward and read Alesha Smith’s story.  She will tell anyone that road blocks can be made into stepping stones.  Alesha’s story?  “I Can” Buy A Home! Check it out:

What made you start thinking about buying a home?

One day, I was helping a friend locate a rental property. While I was searching for her, I came across a house that I really liked a lot. The house I was considering, at the time, was for sale.

What happened next? Did you think you could buy it?

Even though I liked the house, I really didn’t think I could afford it. I knew the  next step was to connect with a realtor. I figured that if I got some outside advice, I would know for sure.  After speaking with a realtor, I realized I  had some minor credit issues. I thought, “I can get those taken-off.”  The next big challenge, though, was my income level.  Based on where I  where I was working, I just didn’t make enough money.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I can’t take all the credit. God really helped me. A few weeks after considering what I had to overcome, I was offered and accepted a new job. This job was just what I needed to make more money and position me to buy a home. I was also able to clean-up my credit and raise my credit score!

What’s up ahead?

With all of the new changes and blessings that have come my way, I am definitely looking for my new home. Now I know that I’m in the position to do more than rent. #ICAN own a home of my own!



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