“I Can” Come Back…From A Setback

March 31, 2016
“I Can” Come Back…From A Setback

The unexpected moments are part of our everyday life. You didn’t see the financial battle coming. Who thought that rock-solid relationship would end? The mental torment should have happened to someone else, but it happened to you. Today’s story is an awesome reminder that God can take the dim moments and show us that after the smoke clears, there is life. Lisa tells us that you can and #ICAN come back…from a setback.


Lisa Andujar-Ray


What challenge did you overcome?

In 1988, I was involved in a near-fatal car accident on my way back to my final semester at the University of Pennsylvania.  I was hospitalized for over 10 weeks and many people -including my doctors- thought it was a miracle that I survived. The accident left me with internal and external scars that I thought would never heal. While I looked different, the scars that I had eventually healed – both internally and externally.

How did you overcome the challenge(s)?

After I was better, the biggest challenge was getting my life back on track. With the support of family and friends and a positive outlook, I was able to successfully overcome the challenges upon me. The first thing I did was complete my degree.  I had missed an entire semester of school and only needed one more semester to earn my degree.  While I still had some pending health challenges, I thought it was important to continue to move forward with the plan that I had set for my life.  Doing this allowed me to realize that the car accident was simply a setback and didn’t have to alter my plan of having a full life with a great career and family for the future.

lisa and daughter

Lisa and her daughter Victoria


What advice would you give to those who want to overcome?

Remember that tomorrow is another day.  We can learn from all experiences – good or bad.  Create a plan for yourself and stick to it no matter how big the obstacles may seem. Whether it is a health challenge or the challenge of finding a job, remember that it is temporary and an opportunity for growth. God has put you exactly where you should be.

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