“I Can” Survive a Heart Break

February 11, 2016
“I Can” Survive a Heart Break

“The pain was so intense. I couldn’t hold it together in public. The tears soaked my pillows at night.”

Nichola Brown is proof-positive that broken hearts heal. Check-out her story:

No matter how strong you think you are, a heartbreak can literally throw you off your foundation. Just know that you CAN recover, but the key to recovery is going through the pain. There are no shortcuts if you want to get to a place of wholeness and purpose.  A mature sister in my church told me early in the process that, “There is purpose in your pain.”  Initially, I didn’t get it. Later on, though, I understood that the pain in my heart was a place for God to dig-up things that were buried and hidden deep inside.

He was getting ready to do major surgery, but he wanted my permission to go into the dark places.  I used “things” to avoid dealing with childhood trauma, molestation, low self-esteem, faithlessness, fears, unforgiveness, and broken relationships.

Once, I understood that God was using the pain for a greater purpose, I began to partner with Him in my healing.  I started to visualize myself on the other side.  I began to see myself as whole and to take the steps to become the women I wanted to be.  I started therapy, worked on my relationship with my parents, and addressed my issues of self-worth.   God used the pain to give me my purpose and I share about it in my book Sabbath Season: A Call to Rest.

If your heart is broken,  there are some steps you can take. Nichola says:

  1. Allow Yourself To Go Through The Pain
  2. Cry it out; Don’t Suppress the Pain
  3. Listen to Uplifting Music
  4. Deepen Your Faith
  5. Understand the Stages of Grief
  6. See A Counselor
  7. Use This Time To Work On Yourself
  8. Practice Self-Care & Self-Love
  9. Discover Your Purpose

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