“I Can” Help Black Girls Love Themselves!

April 14, 2016
“I Can” Help Black Girls Love Themselves!


Rapunzel and Goldilocks are not the only characters known for their fabulous hair. Make room for Moxie Girl!  Created by the talented 8-year old Natalie McGriff and her mother Angela Nixon, The Adventures of Moxie Girl comic book chronicles the journey of a mythical, African-American girl — Moxie Girl — who grows to love her naturally coily afro puffs. Highlighted by the “good hands of Allstate” in a Black History Month commercial, co-author Natalie is the dynamo who also snagged a $16,000 award at the One Spark Crowdfunding Festival to jump start the comic book project.

You may know of a little girl who thinks she can’t love her hair and beauty. Natalie felt the same way, but now she knows #ICAN.  Check-out their story below:

What made you both decide to write the book?

We decided to write the book because Natalie was having self-esteem issues related to her hair and skin color. She also hated to read. I decided to combine the two and ask Natalie if she wanted to write a book and make herself a superhero. Her hair would have super powers. She said, “Yes.” I then told Natalie that in order to make a cool book for everyone to want to read, she would have to read more books so that she could learn more words. She did and the rest is history.

How can Black girls love themselves?

In order for little black girls to love themselves they have to first see Black women loving themselves and embracing themselves. They also need to see more positive images of little girls being celebrated who look just like they do. I didn’t want Natalie or other little girls to go through what I went through at their age.

Angela, what would Natalie tell little girls — who look like her — about loving their hair?

Natalie said that she wants little girls to love themselves and love their hair!

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