“I Can” Pitch on Shark Tank!

March 10, 2016
“I Can” Pitch on Shark Tank!

Have you ever wanted to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank? Well the dynamic founder and partners of Milk + Brookies said, “I Can” and did just that! Their chart-topping, brownie-cookie combo wowed the Shark Tank moguls and is taking the LA scene by storm. You’ve seen them on the wildly successful reality TV show Shark Tank. Listen as they share insights with the “I Can” community:

What challenges did you face when prepping to appear on Shark Tank? 

The hardest part was deciding to submit our application. We heard that Shark Tank receives about 45,000 applications each season, picks about 125 to pitch, and airs about 112. Those numbers are pretty daunting. We are a small company that took our shot at the big time, and it worked. If we had not taken that leap of faith, we may have still been having those “we should” talks.

What hurdles did you overcome during the pitching process?

The pitching process was a lot less stressful than we expected. The producers walked us through the process step by step. They helped us polish our pitch and we took it from there. The most difficult part was not being able to share our exciting news. The producers made it very clear that just because you completed one step, did not mean that you were moving on to the next. Even after we pitched, we didn’t know if our episode would air. We did not get the green light to promote our participation on the show until a week and a half before it aired.

What encouragement would you share with readers about overcoming challenges?

The greatest teacher in the world is experience. There are things that we have tried that did not work the way we intended, but we learned valuable lessons as a result. Since our episode aired, we have had some long days. To be honest, after you have literally worked a 20-hour day or returned your last email at 2 a.m., you question if it is all worth it. It is absolutely is worth it. We are better partners because of it and we have developed better processes as a result. The lessons that we have learned about business, life, each other, and ourselves would not have been possible any other way. It was absolutely worth it.

one milk and brookie

Milk +Brookies are available in several flavors: OG, Red Velvet, Blondie, Turtle, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, and Sugar



It will never be the perfect time. You will never have all the right contacts. You will never be in the perfect position to take your dream to the next level. You should do it anyway. No one likes rejection, but if we decided that if we did not at least try, we would always wonder “what if.” – Jovon English, Owner, Milk+Brookies

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