“I Can” Relocate!

February 25, 2016
“I Can” Relocate!

If you stay in a season too long, you will no longer feel productive.

Who says all moves should be  made on the dance floor? Not Raven! Check-out her “step” in a different direction with our new #ICAN series blog post:

What made you move?

My husband and I moved because we knew that it was time to transition our growing family. We looked at other options and considered relocating out of town. It wasn’t my first thought. But once we looked in many counties throughout Maryland, we knew we weren’t going to be able to afford what we needed without a struggle. We needed a new start and began looking at North Carolina. It wasn’t too far away and some of our family lives there.

Any advice?

Examine your current situation. Determine whether it is helping you move toward your goals or hindering you. Do some research and check-out another geographical location. If it looks like a good fit, explore it!

What was your outcome?

Now that we have moved, I love it. I’m very pleased with how well we’ve transitioned! My husband and I love the new house, our kids feel great about it, and we are very grateful for the opportunity.


“Something happens when you make a big “faith move” in your life. Everything that you used to fear becomes very miniscule. Your mind starts to open up to all the possibilities in life. You feel like you can do it. At first I thought I couldn’t make a change like that. Now I know #ICAN

– Raven Flateau (Check-out her videos on Pinterest)

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