“I Can” Speak In Public!

February 4, 2016
“I Can” Speak In Public!
Have you ever been asked to talk and said nothing? Maybe you battle with speaking in front of a crowded room or speaking to one person who seems to know more than you. Either way, our #ICAN contributor has been there. Check out how she overcame and click here to hear Christina speak!

1.  Describe your fear of public speaking.
I was afraid to speak in public and would always rely on my written notes while speaking. I thought that my audience would think that I was not knowledgeable about my particular topic if I did not read from my notes.
2. How did you overcome it?
Instead of writing my speech down word-for-word, I would have notecards (or my IPad) that would only have one or two words for each bullet point. Each bullet point would represent a separate talking point. This allowed me to look more at my audience and feel more confident about my topic.
3. Where do you speak publicly now?
Now I speak at work related events and for public library programs in Washington, D.C.

Your “I CAN” Challenge…
Okay. We’ve read what Christina did. Now it’s your turn. Step-out and speak up this week. Let me know how it goes! Also, I’m a huge music fan and believe “notes” can move us to “next.”  Listen to this John Mayer song for an extra push!


“I CAN” Blog Series

“I CAN”  blog series features women and girls who overcome the odds. No story is too small or too big. We all soar when we see…and reading your story may give someone the wings they need to fly!  #ICAN post other stories…just email me at micheletapproseman@gmail.com.

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