“I Can” Switch Careers!

February 18, 2016
“I Can” Switch Careers!

This week,  our pharmacist-turned-entrepreneur shares her compelling “I Can” story.  Read what Tonya Cross has to say. Enjoy:


What made you begin your venture?

I have a passion for natural hair and enjoy creating beautiful things. I’ve been natural for fourteen years and making things by hand since I was a child. I launched Accented Glory two years ago with my three daughters when I noticed that most hair accessories in retail stores cater to a much younger demographic and were not natural hair friendly. Accented Glory offers grown-up designs that minimize damage to textured hair and provides comfortable wear.


Tell #ICAN readers what obstacles you overcame?

One of my biggest obstacles was not having any sales or marketing experience. My professional background is in pharmacy; I’ve been a registered pharmacist for over 20 years. To overcome this, I took small business classes offered by my local community college and utilized online resources. I was also social media challenged! Being in the forty plus club, I was not app savvy. Thanks to the patience of my daughters and online social media courses, I now know my way around the major social media platforms.


What advice would you share with others who want to be trailblazers?

Know Your Target – Knowing and understanding your target audience will provide a clear focus. It allows you to better serve the needs and wants of your customers.

Remain Relevant – Stay current with your industry’s trends. Engage your customers, network with influencers, and read industry blogs to stay on top.

Embrace Greatness – Greatness is being respected within your sphere of influence. Personal integrity and quality of work will earn you respect.

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